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Studies United actively collaborates with ‘Builders of the Present’ (‘Constructor de Presente’, a collaborative business charity) part of the NGO ‘Children’s Villages’ (‘Aldeas Infantiles’).

We at United Studies provide annual donations and promote the charity with all our students and clients through the organization of drawing contests, donations and the sharing of information on our social networks to help promote and raise awareness for the work and dedication of the ‘SOS Children’s Villages’ initiative.

In Spain there are thousands of children in vulnerable situations. With your assistance, we can help children grow up with the security, affection and respect that they deserve.

SOS Children’s Villages is a private, international, not for profit children’s charity.  It is mixed faith and independent of any political orientation, founded in 1949 in Imst (Austria) and currently present in 133 countries.

Their work focuses on supporting families at risk, helping them to care for their children’s in the best possible way and receiving and accompanying children from unstructured families as they grow up so that they grow up feeling loved and respected in a protective family environment, helping them towards maturity and independence.

SOS Children’s Villages is a member of UNESCO and adviser to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.


United Studies Certificado Aldeas Infantiles