Don’t Forget  !

  • Check out our General terms and conditions.
  • Book your course in advance to avoid disappointment.The best placements get booked up first.
  • Travel to the United States and save money. The cost of food, clothing and entertainment in the United States is much less expensive compared to countries like the UK, Australia and Canada.
    You can buy brand names like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein at the same price or less than our high street brands like Zara!
    In New York two good portions of delicious pizza only costs 6 Euros, the same meal in London would set you back 15 Euros.
    Experience confirms that many students agree “it is really worth paying more for the flight to get out of Europe. In London it was quite expensive, making it really hard to get out and about and do the things we wanted to do” Rocío, 22.
  • United Studies always offers placements at accredited or officially recognized schools and universities.
  • Share a room and save money.Why not share a twin room or a double bed with a friend?
  • Photographs: we always provide photographs and full descriptions of the accommodation we offer you.
  • Do not be reckless; make sure you have medical insurance; the U.S.A. has no public health service. Options:
    • take out a policy with a private insurance agency
    • if you already have private medical insurance see if your policy covers you for travel abroad
    • take out the student medical insurance policy offered by United Studies at discounted prices (38 Euros for 3 weeks or 21 days).
  • Through the same insurance company we can also provide you with cancellation insurance. See the cancellation policy here.
  • United Studies does not charge an extra summer rate.Prices quoted from latest rates.
  • United Studies guarantees you the lowest prices as we are the only specialists in our field.