Boston is one of the prettiest and most historical cities in the United States.  It has been dubbed the “walk city” because you can get around it easily on foot.  Boston is a big city and its’ skyscrapers create a pleasingly dramatic contrast to its’ gorgeous old town.

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Boston University P. College is one of our top destinations because the university campus, with its’ grassy lawns and historical buildings, is so quintessentially American. Check out the self service buffet available every meal time. The campus’ proximity to the city (it only takes 20 minutes to get to the centre) makes this a unique study destination for your English course. If you would prefer to live in the city centre, then the best option would be to take your English Course in Back Bay.
If you have the opportunity to study an English course in the United States we recommend that you choose to take yours in Boston, an excellent city in which to experience total language immersion.


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