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United Studies provides a very specialized type of consulting thanks to our exclusive specialization in the sector of education in the United States.  There are many possibilities to find a private school that meets your needs, it all depends on your needs and the budget that you are working with.

In the United States, there are schools that specialize in certain disciplines and/or sports. Private schools in the United States have their own curriculum, which allows them to develop their programs and maximize the abilities and strengths of every student. The facilities that many of these private schools have are surprising and the technology that utilized in the classrooms is from the latest generation.

Among others, we can find schools with an intensive science course, schools with a curriculum specialized in the arts, International Baccalaureate, schools that teach by using the Montessori or Waldorf method, schools where they practice a sport intensively with high level competition or to obtain university scholarships, etc.


Who is this for?

Private school is ideal for you if you want to choose the state or area where you would like to study, if you would like to live with a family or an academic dormitory, if you want to practice a certain sport, if you want to take up a specific field of study, if you are looking for personalized attention and training to maximize your potential and strengths, or if you would like to continue your studied in a United States University.


This is available to students with an acceptable academic level of English.

No age requirements.

To keep in mind

Open enrollment period for the 2015-2016 academic year

Deadline for applications: It is very important to register for the program as soon as possible as the spots for international students are limited.

Approximate date of arrival: between the beginning of August and the beginning of September. Approximate date of return: between the end of May and the middle of June.

The student will travel with an F-1 student visa.