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If you are a student with certain characteristics, this could be the best option to study in the United States. This is available to students with an acceptable academic level of English. No age requirements.

Who is this for?

To students who are looking for intermediate level prices

To students who do not meet the age requirements to participate in the Public High School J-1 Program.

To students who have already participated in the Public High School J-1 program (you are only allowed to take part in this program once).

For students who would like a better selection of sports or musical education. (United Studies does not guarantee the ability to join a sports team or to play a certain instrument However, we always try to offer the schools that can best satisfy the needs of the student according to their profile.)

To students who prefer to study in a Catholic or Christian school.

To keep in mind:

With this program it is not possible to select the area, or the family. It is also not possible to reject the school, the area, or the family.

The family in the majority of the cases is voluntary, and does not receive any monetary compensation. In certain cases, the family receives a small amount of money to cover a small part of the costs that comes with housing a student (included in the price of the program).

Open enrollment period for the 2015-2016 academic year

The deadline to request a spot: It is very important to start the registration process for the program as early as possible, because for the majority of the private schools, the registration period ends soon and they only provide a limited number of spots for international students.

Approximate date of arrival: between the beginning of August and the beginning of September. Approximate date of return: between the end of May and the middle of June.

The student will travel with an F-1 student visa.