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United Studies works to be at the forefront of all educational levels.

The education sector in the US is mostly private and seek to offer the largest selection of studies that fit both your ability and your purchasing power, with a wide range of Universities and Colleges accredited *.

The US is the leading country for excellence in research, giving room there top universities around the world. From the classrooms of this country have left the 33,53% of the Nobel prizes have been awarded in the history until today.

For this reason and because it is a country that focuses on technological, artistic, cultural, sports and economic development, you will find among its many disciplines, subjects who are not yet studied in Spain, or even do not have the quality grade or graduate.

So in the US you can purchase the art knowledge in many educational disciplines while achieving unparalleled curriculum.


Masters in Universities

Below you will find a list of some masters who have at your disposal if you want to study the master is not listed then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Long Island University


  • Máster en trabajo social

Montana State University


  • Máster en arquitectura
  • Máster en psicología
  • Máster en ciencias de la computación

North Dakota State University


  • Máster en salud pública
  • Máster en medios urbanos y de transporte

Oklahoma City University


  • Máster en ciencias de la enfermería
  • Máster en danza y bellas artes

Saint Louis University


  • Máster en negocios internacionales
  • Master en derecho sanitario

Tennessee Tech University


  • Máster en ingeniería civil

University of La Verne


  • Máster en dirección y liderazgo

University of New Haven


  • Máster en ciencias de la educación

Arkansas State University


  • Máster en Administración de Empresas.
  • Máster artístico en Comunicación verbal y teatro.
  • Máster de ciencias en comunicación de masas.
  • Máster en ingeniería gerencial.

Northern Arizona University


  • Máster en criminología aplicada


Complete the attached questionnaire indicating the type of study and area of interest and we will send detailed information: