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There are many methods focused on learning English as a foreign language. Of all of them, known as immersion method stands out as the most effective of all. It is “living English” as the student is immersed, with all their senses in a English speaking country. The student comes into direct contact with not only academic programs but also to society, culture and customs of the chosen country. And given the choice, what better than the US, where students have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits it provides one of the first powers of the world.

English courses for children in the US are aimed at those young Spaniards between 11 and 17 years who know that this is the best age to give a substantial step in knowledge and proficiency in English

Conducting a dip in pre-adolescence is important because it is at this stage of development of a person when he is able to acquire a new language significantly as the mother tongue is acquired.

Meaningful learning is real learning, meaningful learning. All other learning is purely mechanical, rote, circumstantial: learning to pass an exam to pass the course, etc. Meaningful learning is a relational learning. The direction is given by the ratio of new knowledge: prior knowledge to everyday situations, with experience, with real situations, etc.

So it is then, in the pre-teens and not later when the individual is closer to be proficient in a second language respecting the concepts, pronunciation, accent, and the structures of the same, in short, is closer bilingualism, it can be a safe value in your future career.


United Studies welcomes you to our junior English programs in the United States.

As parents, we know how important it is to offer our children from an early age the opportunity to learn English and get next to bilingualism results. It has been shown that bilingual children are more adept at planning tasks and cognitive control and executive functions.

This is only possible in an environment of immersion outside the country.

Our Junior Program is a unique opportunity for your child, as well as make a real immersion in an ideal environment with native speakers, you will live an international experience with children from other cultures and countries, which will greatly enrich.

The classes are the cornerstone of learning. And the vast experience of our professionals is key to a perfect study guide. Learning does not stop in the classroom. Our students learn the language naturally, as we learn when we are children: direct language, “living in English.” Whatever the level begins to speak from the first lesson. No translations, no presets, just practice guided by our native teachers.

Learning is combined with knowledge of American culture and society that make the student understand, comprehend and learn from society, history and customs of the United States.

The study method used new technologies: the student uses the online materials and technology in the classroom with a very practical approach to learning.

– Support, progress and motivation. Continuous monitoring of student progress, ongoing support and motivation of the student to successfully advance to higher levels.

– Communication in English. Our method focuses on enhancing student confidence and fluency of spoken language with the continued practice of the newly acquired knowledge.

United Studies performed throughout the management and student enrollment in the program. United Studies works in perfect partnership with University teams where professionals with over 10 years experience are responsible for the safety and welfare of your child.

Students will be supervised and monitored 24 hours a day by trained both on campus and in all activities inside and outside the campus, as well as excursions staff.

Each Monitor is responsible for coordinating specific 10 to 15 students. A lunch will meet with students and inform them of the activities taking place in the afternoon and evening, it will give you other suggestions as the clothes have to wear depending on the weather or activity and recommends that they have to carry or if there is something special to remember.

Airport Transfers: Are they included in the price airport transfers on arrival and departure from the campus.
For children under 15 years is a charge of € 90, since in these cases the child is to be picked up at customs for an adult specifically authorized and responsible for signing the instrument is paid. Also will be accompanied on the return.

Unlimited insurance included in the price: Unlimited Insurance for 2,3,4 weeks with 24-hour assistance.
Once enrolled in the program and on the journey the student must submit their immunization records and medical history.
(Students need to have a minimum cash of $ 125 for any type of medical visit, all medical expenses will be reimbursed by the health insurance once the necessary medical documentation submitted to the insurance company).


English Courses in Universities

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The Junior Program is intended for children between 13 and 17 who want to improve their English language skills and learn about American culture. Student lives a real experience in another country and in another language. This exclusive program is exclusively at prestigious universities in the United States.

The program is carefully planned to enhance the learning of language study, activities and knowledge of the culture.

Our Junior program is among the elite programs of study abroad because it is performed only in prestigious universities in the United States. It is a unique opportunity for your child as well as make a real linguistic immersion in an ideal environment with native teachers will live an international experience with children from other cultures and countries than it will enrich enormously.

Breakfast (7:00 to 9:00)

A class (8: 30/9: 00 to 11: 30/12: 00)

A lunch (11: 30/12: 00 13:30)

Activities afternoon (13:30 to 17:00)

Leisure time for the student at this time will have both campus activities and outside activities such as

sports, or visiting museums, city tours, etc.

A dinner (17:00 to 19: 00/19: 30)

Activities at night (19:00 to 23:00)

Activities will be undertaken as parties for kids, movie nights, group activities, etc. at 23:00 everyone to their rooms to rest !!!

Students are always accompanied by monitors.

Dates: June to August 2013.

Minimum stay of 2 weeks (programs 2, 3, and 4 weeks).

> Intensive English course: 15 hours per week: Monday to Friday.

> Maximum of 15 students per class.

> Placement test on arrival (levels from beginner to advanced).

> Certificate of attendance.

> Teaching Material.

> Residential accommodation in a double room on campus


> Ages: 13-17 years.

> Activities on and off campus

> Excursions (per week: 1 full day tour and 3 half day).

> Monitoring.

> 21 meals per week.

> Sunday Arrivals and departures on Saturdays.

> Prestigious accredited universities.

> Airport Transfers US

> 24-hour medical assistance insurance.

> Medical Insurance

California  (University of California Berkeley)

New Jersey (Seton Hall Universty y Kean University)

Chicago (Loyola University Chicago)

Boston (Simmon College)

Washington DC (Trinity University)

Los Angeles (Loyola Marymount University)

Fort Lauderdale (Nova Southeastern University)

Summer English Courses in Universities
2 Weeks 1.900 €
3 Weeks 2.800 €
4 Weeks 3.750 €




English courses with American families

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The Junior program is for young children between 13 and 18 who want to improve their English language skills and learn about American culture. Student lives truly experience another country and another language. This program is carried out

American families to ensure true immersion in the language and culture.

The 3 pillars of this program are a combination of English classes taught using the methodology “approach”, accommodation and living with an American family, and a varied curriculum of activities and trips with international students. the

program is carefully planned so that students spend a third of the time in each of the 3 pillars thus enhancing language learning.

That is why this program is considered one of the best because of the great integration attained the significant and relational learning through the 3 pillars. The student will participate in the program individually, this means that no United Studies organized groups of Spanish students for participation in this program.

Individual participation is key to the success of this program. When the first student need is related to the medium in which it is located, immediately begin to use English and be comfortable as it is the tool for communication, social relationships and navigate the environment.

Breakfast (7:00 to 9:00)

The student wakes up and has his personal time to shower, prepare your things, etc. Breakfast with his family before the family take their English classes with their international peer group.

A class (9:00 to 12:00)

A lunch (12:00 to 13:00)

During this time the student will have time to eat with their peers at school. Monitors talk with students of the activities scheduled for that afternoon. The American family prepare lunch food that students bring to school.

Activities afternoon (13:00 to 17:00)

Leisure time student where you can enjoy with your classmates activities like tours to attractions, movies, shopping. Always accompanied by a monitor.

Homecoming (17:00)

At the end of the day’s activity family pick up the student at school.

Evening activities (No time will depend on each house)

During the afternoon / evening students will be with their host family at home or perform any output or activity.

In the dining room and the activities of the college students are always accompanied by monitors.

Pennsylvania Age Requirements: 13-18 years. Fort Lauderdale from 15 to 18 years. “

> Test of English proficiency on arrival.

> Age Requirements: 13-18 years.

> Teaching materials included.

> The classes are taught by native speakers in center

Studies specializing in teaching ESL, EFL.

Intensive English course for 15-17 hours a week.

> Maximum of 12 students per class.

> Maximum class size 14 students in Fort Lauderdale.

> The center has several learning groups depending on the level of the student.

> Certificate of English classes

> The center will be located near the family home. Daily transportation to school

English by the family.

> In Fort Lauderdale daily to school by public transport transportation.

> In Fort Lauderdale double accommodation.

> American Family Accommodation (in double room with another international or individual student to student request).

> All inclusive. (Fort Lauderdale

Weekends with half board).

> Shuttle bus tours monitors included.

> Students are organized in groups of maximum 30 students per group and at least 20 students per group of different nationalities.

> In Fort Laurdeadel four full day excursions per month.

> Afternoon activities with the group of international students as shopping, dining, sightseeing, movies, etc …

Families in the State of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia y Lancaster)

Families in the state of Florida (Fort Lauderdale)

Pennsylvania Florida
2 Weeks 1.500 € 2 Weeks 2.200 €
3 Weeks 2.200 € 3 Weeks 3.150 €
4 Weeks 2.650 € 4 Weeks 4.100 €