Who are we?

United Studies is a company whose purpose is consulting and providing access to all types of studies and education in the United States.

In the past years, United Studies has become a leader in the educational sector of the United States.

  • Our quality code: Close and personal treatment, and immediate responses are the foundations for excellence within our client services.
  • We work with more than 800 schools throughout the entire United States, backed by their large reach and experience. Within this selection, you can find the most prestigious schools of the country.
  • Our specialization in providing interchange services in the USA and extensive knowledge makes our consulting unique

Where are we?

United Studies is an online company with a presence throughout the entire world.

Our offices are located in Granada (Spain) and Miami (USA). This allows us to offer a unique services with an emphasis on giving attention to the student in their same time zone and country.


“Having a presence in the United States allows us to communicate with the student frequently, allowing us to develop a close and personal relationship, and allows the student to feel safe with us. They know that we are here in their time zone to assist them when they need us, and that helps them to feel relaxed and at ease.”

Esmerelda Herrero, Director of United Studies in Miami

Our support team is distributed all around the world. This allows us to have a presence throughout the entire territory without having to have offices in the largest municipal cities and for that we are the absolute leaders in price, guaranteed.