We have received many enquiries about the possibility of working in the United States. We can help you to answer all those questions that you have been asking yourself for so long, because we are the only specialists in the United States. The majority of the requests that we receive are sent to us by University leavers between 23 and 30 years old. Often your motivation is to add value to your CV whilst also gaining personal experience (it takes courage) and improving your English.  Generally, your final goal is to acquire invaluable experience to kick start your CV and give yourself a competitive edge in the Spanish job market.  We think it is great that you are courageous enough to want to undertake this kind of adventure but, before you do, here are some important things you should know:

  1. In order to work in the United States you must be able to speak English.
  2. In order to work in the United States you need a Green Card (work permit).
  3. Your University qualifications, at whatever level of study, are not recognized in the USA.

It is important to understand that every country has its’ own immigration laws that regulate the flow of human resources entering and leaving the country.   You probably don’t know what the immigration laws in your own country are because, as a citizen, they don’t concern you; but your country also has immigration laws for foreigners that want to work there. With this in mind, we will explain what you can do if you want to add work experience in an American company to your CV:

1. – Work Contract. Before you leave Spain, search for Spanish or American companies that are interested in hiring you for a specific job. (Private companies are able to take your Spanish gained qualifications or training into account).  This is not an easy task, you have to be exceptionally good at your job or do a job that the company cannot find a skilled professional in the United States to do (for example: if you cook amazing Spanish Tortillas, try to find a job doing this). Bear in mind that this will be an extra cost for the company (the Green Card costs the company around 5,000 dollars and it takes time to process). However, we have some good news, companies in the United States really invest in hiring well prepared personnel, if you are good at what you do, the cost of the Green Card will not be seen as a problem. (We know of a case where a French guy came over to the States from France to make crepes and pastries and the bakery he worked for paid for his Green Card. Before him the bakery had hired (and paid for the Green Card of) another professional that they had fired after only one month as they were not satisfied with the way they worked.  As you can see, companies in the United States are willing to pay for well trained professionals). 

2. – Paid Internships in a company. Internships are offered to students, so firstly you must be a student: either following an academic program or an English Student (less common). Remember that we mentioned your academic certificate is not recognized in the States, however, it does give you access to the study of higher level qualifications like Masters Degrees or any other academic or professional training. (The entry requirements are determined by the Universities or study centers; amongst other things they will include an evaluation of your English level). At the end of your studies, or whilst studying, you will be provided with a Visa, usually for a period of one year, that allows you to work and to put your knowledge into practice. Often, the company hiring an Intern hires them in the same way as we explained before (Green Card) because they are happy with the Intern’s work.

3. – Green Card Lottery. This option is often chosen by people who see a working future in the United States as a way to escape the precarious situation in their native country. We hope that this is not your case, however we have chosen to explain this other option to you so that you will know what it is: The United States annually award 55,000 Green Cards for life through a lottery process. We, as specialists, can assure you that this is true, even though it sounds like a hoax, it isn’t. The way to apply for the Green Card Lottery is detailed on the U.S. Embassy website.Do you have any more questions? Ask us.