Miami is a unique destination: it will conquer you with its’ wide variety of neighbourhoods and areas, its’ characteristic Latin flavour melding seamlessly with American culture.  You will fall in love with Miami Beach’s turquoise sea and Art Deco lifeguard towers.

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If you want to take your English course right on the beach and enjoy the buzz of a busy nightlife, then South Beach is the perfect English school for you. If you would prefer to take your classes in a more urban setting without losing the tropical flavour, you will love Miami’s Brickell neighbourhood where you can study English and stay in a high quality hotel complex. Our accommodation offer is very varied including amongst others: apart-hotels on the beach with breakfast included, studio apartments with all modern conveniences on the beach and homestays with American families.   

Studying English in the U.S.A. will be just like a holiday in the Caribbean if you choose Miami as your destination.


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