New York is a city with a unique pace of life and stark contrasts. It is the city that never sleeps. The first moment you set eyes on this colossal city, New York in all its’ splendour will remain etched on your retinas forever. Take a stroll along the grand avenues of Manhattan Island and allow the furious pace of the most cosmopolitan city in the world to permeate your senses.

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Take your English course in Manhattan and study at the top English schools in New York. Pick your favourite location and you could take your classes on the 63rd floor of the Empire State Building, or in one of our other schools on Central Park or in Midtown, in the heart of the city.

As specialists, we have offer a wide range of English courses in the United States and we guarantee the best prices.  Check out the wide range of accommodation we offer in New York.  Here you will find youth residences, hotels, apartments and homestays, with prices ranging from the economical to higher priced, higher quality, luxury options .

The experience of taking an  English course in the United States  will enrich you as a person and give you an opportunity to broaden your horizons.


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